"Course Updation" tool is used for the following purpose

  1. Moving students from one academic year to another.
  2. Adding new courses to students.

Although the above can be done by selecting the student and editing their details, "Course Updation" tool helps you do the operation on multiple students at a time. 

To update the courses, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Select "Course Updation" under "Administration" menu.
  2. Select the course, which the students have selected. This works as a filter for student selection.
  3. Select the batch. This works as a filter for student selection.
  4. Now select the academic year of the new course, that needs to be assigned to the students
  5. Selecting optional subjects, if any.
  6. Select the students to which the change needs to be applied.
  7. Click Submit.

Please note that this works for one course at a time. In case you want to assign multiple courses to the students, you need to follow the above steps for each new course to be assigned. Also, the extra fees will added to be students' fee account. The fees can be managed from the student's fees page directly.