You can manage your tests and results easily using MySlate, which can then be used to create report cards and various other reports.

First, you need to create a test. The steps to create a test are as follows :

  1. Select side menu
  2. Select "Test & Results"
  3. Then select "Add Test"
  4. Enter the Test Name and select the Test Type and Stream.
  5. After selecting the stream, system will show you a list of subjects under that stream and the list of batches for that stream.
  6. Select the batch(s)
  7. Tick the subjects that you want to add for the test and enter the Total Marks, Date / time / Room of test for the subject.
  8. Click on submit

After you have created a test, you can manage the tests and upload the results for that test. The steps to upload the results are as follows :

  1. Select side menu
  2. Select "Test & Results"
  3. Select "View Tests"
  4. Select "Manage Result" next to the test entry for which you need to upload the results.
  5. Now, you can either upload the results for all the subjects at once or upload the subject wise
  6. To upload results
    1. Select Upload All
    2. The results can be uploaded either via form or excel file.
    3. To upload the results via file, select "File Upload" and download the file. Enter the score for the students & save the file and then upload the file on the same page by selecting "Choose File" and selecting Upload.
    4. To upload the results via form, select "Form Upload" and enter the score on the page and click submit

Kindly note that results can be added only after taking the attendance for the test.