Now that you have added the 3 pillars of MySlate : Academic Year, Streams and Courses, you can start adding your students/enquiries to the system.

Let's get started

  1. Open the side menu
  2. Select Registration option from menu
  3. Enter all the details for the below sections. Some fields are mandatory.
    1. Student's basic details
    2. Academic Background for the student.
    3. Guardian Details
    4. Address
  4. Select the stream(s).
  5. Select the course(s) for the selected streams, that the student wants to enroll for.
  6. Select optional courses for the selected courses, if there are any.
  7. Select Registration Type, whether enquiry or enrollment.
    1. For enrollment, you need to follow the below
      1. Enter discount (in Rs. or %), if any
      2. Select mode of payment.
      3. Enter No of installments. (optional)
      4. System will  divide the total net amount into mentioned no. of installments.
      5. You can also set details for each installment, which can be modified later.
      6. Select Batch. (can be set later)
      7. Set Profile Picture (optional)
  8. Enter source of enquiry (optional)
  9. Enter any special remark (optional)
  10. To add follow, select yes in the followup field
  11. Select submit to finish.