Firstly, Thank you for choosing MySlate. 

MySlate will help you manage your day to day activities like attendance, timetable, results, fees and much more in a very efficient manner.

To get started, you need to first create the four pillars of MySlate namely : Academic Year, Streams, Courses and Batches

1. Academic Year : As the name suggests, academic year is your entire year's collection of data. You can name it as "2017-18" or "2018-19". This helps your organise every year's data properly. By default, the system requires you to create an academic year after you login. This means if you are a registered user, you have mostly created an academic year 

2. Streams : The various streams with their subjects taken by you needs to be defined. This is a one-time activity (not created every year) and must be changed only when there are any updations required. For e.g. the section name can be "X" and the subjects inside it can be "English", "Maths", "Hindi"

3. Courses : Unlike streams, courses are financial entities which are assigned to the students at the time of registration. They are derived from streams and can have subjects from different streams For e.g. X is a stream and IX is another stream. You can create a mixed course by selecting the required/all subjects from IX and X and name it as (IX + X). 

Course definition is the most critical part of the system since this decides which streams/subjects are taken by the student. Also, each course is linked to an academic year, which allows you to take registration for next academic year admissions. For e.g. IX - All subjects (2017-18) and X - All Subjects (2018-19) are two courses, for two different academic years. This allows the student to take admissions for both the courses i.e IX and X at the same time.

After you are done with this, you can proceed with enrolling the students using our student registration form or excel upload. 

4. Batches help you manage your students effectively. You can define them as per your requirement. If you don't have any batches, you can create one batch and add all your students inside it. Although, batches can be modified anytime, it needs to be properly defined before you start making the timetable and taking attendance.